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Esmaltes OPI Colección Hello Kitty

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Colores rosados "In Pinks":

  • Kitty White (NLH80)
  • Charmmy & Sugar (NLH81)
  • Let's be friends (NLH82)
  • Look at My Bow! (NLH83)
  • Small + Cute=<3 (NLH84)
  • Spoken from the Heart (NLH85)

Colores clásicos:

  • Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniela (NLH86)
  • Super Cute in Pink (NLH87)
  • My Twin Mimmy (NLH88)
  • 5 Apples Tall (NLH89)
  • My Pal Joey (NLH90)
  • Never Have Too Mani Friends! (NLH91)

Por la compra de los 12 tonos gratis un exhibidor de cartón

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